Construction Management

Luchs and DeCarlo & Doll provides construction management services to administer your project from commencement through completion. Beginning with development and design, through all phases of construction and into close out, we strive to perform beyond our clients' expectations by delivering on time and on budget without causing you undue stress or concern.  

Our Construction Managers provide the following services:

  • Oversee design services
  • Develop and monitor schedule and budget requirements
  • Facilitate communication with subcontractors
  • Maximize efficiency of material and equipment cost
  • Handle vendor communication
  • Provide risk management and site safety oversight
  • Identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently
  • Keep project on schedule and on budget
  • Complete documentation, submittals and change orders
  • Manage labor resources
  • Provide regular client and stakeholder communication
  • Fulfill all closeout activities