Meriden Hub, Meriden, CT Project Area: 15 Acres

Reuse of a brownfields site, prone to flooding and owned by the City of Meriden since 2005. The entire property was demolished and the Harbor Brook was uncovered. A flood control area was created and the site will be used as a city center park with transit oriented economic development.


  • Provide surveying and construction stakeout services
  • Provide water management services during construction
  • Provide structural engineering services during construction
  • Provide permitting services


  • Continuously staking and re-staking the multi-phases of construction
  • Structural monitoring of piers and culverts during construction


  • Provided daily/weekly construction survey and monitoring services
  • Services provided by licensed land surveyor
  • Performed hydrology and hydraulics analysis for Water Handling Plans and temporary structures in the stream environment
  • Interpretation of contract drawings to provide contractor with earthwork grading and layout of hard features including the location of the pedestrian bridge within required 0.5 inch tolerances for abutments and piers
  • Structural design of contractor’s falsework design of temporary shoring, sheeting and methods for deep excavations, cofferdams and pedestrian bridge erection