Route 34 (Main Street) Reconstruction, Derby, CT Cost: 11,500,000 | Project Area: 3682

Located in downtown Derby, Route 34, a Principal Arterial road, also acts as Main Street for the City of Derby. The 3,682 foot reconstruction project commences at the intersection of Route 8 on the east and continues westerly to the Derby/Shelton Bridge.

 The project is owned by the Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments (NVCOG).

The project is centered on the challenge of widening the two lane highway to four lanes while maintaining the downtown character of Main Street. The Luchs team is responsible for providing survey, engineering design services, construction engineering, and inspection services during construction. The engineering services include:

  • Widening the present two-lane roadway to a four-lane roadway with additional left turn lanes.
  • Safety improvements include: bump-outs, raised median islands, non-mountable granite stone curbing to better define the travel way and to protect pedestrians.
  • Upgrade and interconnect existing traffic signals to conform to the MUTCD and ADA standards. 
  • New storm drainage system.
  • New roadway lighting and streetscaping enhancements.
  • Provide a bike path from the Derby/Shelton Bridge easterly to the Route 8/Railroad Station.
  • Designing plans and details to manage and protect traffic during construction.