Veteran's Memorial Park, Bridgeport, CT Cost: $4.5M | Project Area: 109 acres

Veterans Memorial Park is situated in the northwest section of Bridgeport on Park and Madison Avenues. Luchs developed a Master Plan including overall site design, master plan design, construction plans and environmental permitting. The final project provided an outdoor amphitheater and golf course facility off Park Avenue, numerous playing fields off Madison Avenue, paved parking lots, walkways, and a restroom/concession building.


  • Luchs Consulting Engineers was contracted to develop a Master Plan to renovate and update Veterans Memorial Park including plans for an outdoor amphitheater and golf course facility off of Park Avenue and creation of playing fields off of Madison Avenue.
  • Luchs design also included the construction of a paved parking lot, walkways, and a restroom/concession building.


  • The overall site is approximately 109 acres with considerable wetlands, conservation areas and woods of considerable natural beauty.
  • In addition, the site contains public utility crossings that had to be respected.


  • Luchs design included sites for two soccer fields and a parking lot on a disturbed area that had been previously cleared of trees.
  • The design made the best use of items already present such as the CL&P power lines and a 100 ft. wide buffer offering noise protection to adjacent homeowners.
  • In addition, the wetlands were also protected.
  • The woodlands throughout the park were maintained and a picturesque walking path was created for access to the playing fields.
  • All fields themselves are ringed with trees creating a sound barrier as well as a beautiful backdrop.