Land Surveying

At Luchs / DeCarlo & Doll, highly skilled technicians work with a licensed surveyor on every survey assignment. Each project depends upon the utmost accuracy from beginning to end and our surveying services cover every aspect of planning and construction in order to assure the best quality outcomes in the most efficient time frame.

Detailed, precise land surveying is essential to our engineers, architects and inspectors on each project team. As such, we are committed to utilizing the latest in surveying equipment, technology and computer software to generate the most thorough and accurate surveys and reports possible.

Our surveying services include:

  • Perform various types of surveying tasks on all types of construction projects
  • Complete field surveys of control nets and lines, boundary lines, topography and existing structures
  • Prepare property descriptions, plats, easements, construction staking, and right-of-way maps
  • Prepare and set up photogrammetric surveys
  • Perform quality assurance work associated with land surveying work
  • Review, suggest corrections, and make recommendations on the checking of parcel maps and final maps
  • Perform research and survey work related to public and private land
  • Perform all survey related as well as some engineering related computations and drawings
  • Prepare and interpret deeds and descriptions
  • Develop legal descriptions and maps