Land Surveying

Mark at HubAt Luchs and DeCarlo & Doll, highly skilled technicians work with a licensed land surveyor on every survey assignment. Each project depends upon the utmost accuracy from beginning to end and our surveying services cover every aspect of planning in order to assure the best quality outcomes in the most efficient time frame.

Detailed, precise land surveying is essential to our engineers, architects and inspectors on each project team. As such, we are committed to utilizing the latest in surveying equipment, technology and computer software to generate the most thorough and accurate surveys and reports possible.

 Our land surveying services include:

  • Investigate existing utility company records for underground and aerial systems in project areas
  • Investigate City/Town records for street ROW and Assessor's Map information
  • Record drawings of recent projects
  • Establish horizontal and vertical survey control
  • Provide field survey of existing underground utilities and streets
  • Provide aerial utility mapping
  • Obtain City/Town Permits as required for Police and Traffic Control to obtain sewer inverts and pipes sizes where record mapping was inadequate
  • Prepare topographic surveys in accordance with the regulations of the Connecticut State Agencies