Aquarion Water Company, CT Cost: $240M | Project Area: Greenwich to Stratford Service Area

Numerous utilities line our roadways, providing drinking water, wastewater, gas supply, electric and telecommunications service to the citizens of Connecticut. These utilities must be investigated, protected or relocated to accommodate proposed Connecticut Department of Transportation projects. Luchs currently works as an on-call engineering consultant for many utility companies serving the State of Connecticut.


  • Perform design of water main relocations required as a result of ConnDOT and other project construction


  • On an accelerated on-call basis provide survey, test pit layout, water main replacements, water main relocations and new water main design services
  • Coordinate with ConnDOT and all other utility companies
  • Provide full construction administration and observation services


  • Completed project done in accordance with Aquarion’s standards.
  • Attain accurate horizontal and vertical measurements of underground piping including valves and other appurtenances. These measurements are shown graphically to relative scale showing critical reference dimensions to obvious above-ground features such as telephone poles or catch basins and the general location of nearby side streets and property addresses
  • Developed a management spreadsheet to help Aquarion Water Company track and manage projects
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of the technical design and maintenance of service challenges of performing utility upgrades in busy urban settings
  • Up-to-date ConnDOT knowledge of procedures, requirements and preferences, reducing review time and maximizing reimbursements to utility companies