Quinnipiac Avenue, New Haven, CT Cost: $25M | Project Area: 1.4 miles

Luchs Consulting Engineers LLC was selected by the City of New Haven as the prime consultant to provide full professional design and permitting services for this 1.4-mile reconstruction project. The project was designed in accordance with the Connecticut Department of Transportation Highway and Federal AASHTO standards.


  • Design safety and operational improvements to this important urban collector road in the historic area along the Quinnipiac River.


  • Maintain the historic character of this upcoming neighborhood while providing safety improvements.
  • Provide proper, safe geometry in a very tight available city rights of way
  • Slow and calm traffic along this residential neighborhood
  • Minimize impact to adjacent residential properties
  • Improve storm drainage system to minimize flooding
  • Avoid impact to major utility facilities along the corridor


  • Innovative solutions to keep sidewalk elevations at the same elevation as front yards while improving roadway geometry
  • Initiate and maintain a public outreach program with the active neighborhood groups to convey the proposed improvements and seek their support
  • Introduce a mini-roundabout at the south end of the project to calm traffic
  • Design operational and safety improvements at the signalized intersection of Quinnipiac Ave at Grant Street
  • Provide close coordination with all utility companies to streamline the construction process