Route 8 Exit 18 Northbound Ramp, Derby/Ansonia, CT Cost: $8,692,000

This project is a result of the Preliminary Design Study conducted for Route 8 Corridor - access improvements from Exit 15 to Exit 18 in the Cities of Derby and Ansonia. Limited funding necessitated the construction of this project as Phase 1 of the corridor project.

The Route 8 Exit 18 Northbound Ramp project began in 2008 and has been ongoing due to limited funding.

The new scope of the project includes:

  • the addition of a northbound On Ramp at Interchange 18
  • construction of a noise barrier to reduce noise in this residential area
  • Westfield Avenue reconstruction with a proposed roundabout and a cul-de-sac
  • storm drainage improvements to address flooding
  • lane addition and signal upgrade on Division Street.

Close coordination was maintained with local residents, businesses and Griffin Hospital to ensure their support.

Engineering services provided include: Geometric design of an On Ramp to Route 8, Structural design of a 290’ and 660’ long and 25’-30’ high drilled shaft concrete retaining walls along the On-Ramp; construction of 1,560’ long noise barrier; design of a cul-de-sac and roundabout entry to the new On-Ramp; design of widening Division Street to accommodate exclusive left turn lane; traffic signal updates; drainage system upgrades and close coordination with a number of underground and overhead utility companies.

The presence of Griffin Hospital presented a special challenge to maintain direct and unimpeded access to and from their Emergency entrance. A detailed maintenance and protection of traffic during construction was designed.