Scofieldtown Water Main, Stamford, CT Project Area: 10,000 linear feet

Luchs Consulting Engineers designed over 10,000 linear feet of 8” ductile iron water main to serve over 100 houses in order to provide potable water to homes which had contaminated wells under order from CTDEP.<br>


  • Our initial task was to quickly assess the feasibility and cost of extending water mains from Aquarion’s existing system to the project area. 
  • After it was determined that the water supply was sufficient, we quickly went into the design phase to layout the location of the new water main, fittings, valves and hydrants in the road prior to the start of construction.


  • CTDEP had determined that wells serving 100 homes in the Scofieldtown area were contaminated.
  • Time management on this project was of utmost importance.


  • The water mains were designed and constructed in stages to facilitate speed of the process.
  • The contractor was able to install the new main in Stage 2 as we were able to begin tapping the main from Stage 1 so as to get water service to houses as quickly as possible. 
  • Luchs installed, filled, tested and prepared the main in Stage 1 bringing it on-line and ready for service while the contractor moved forward to Stage 2. 
  • This process enabled us to begin serving houses in Stage 1 with fresh water while the contractor installed the main in Stage 2.
  • This technique resulted in no down time in production, and we were able to get houses connected to fresh water much more quickly.