State Street Bridge, New Haven, CT Cost: $25M | Project Area: 88 feet

State Street Bridge construction project had a few unexpected conflicts found during construction: 42" water main over the river had to be replaced, pilings were found for the I-91 bridge above, which were in the way of some of the planned construction; soil and groundwater contamination, settlement due to the vibrations of the 1-91 bridge and some other utilities in the area.


  • Provide survey control, pile layout, bridge monitoring and utility system monitoring during construction


  • Provide daily (Monday through Friday) monitoring survey
  • Phase One - 17 existing monitoring stations
  • Phase One - 13 bridge and 4 utility monitoring points at a frequency defined by the specifications
  • Phase Two - 25 existing monitoring stations
  • Phase Two - 17 bridge and 8 utility monitoring points


  • Provided daily monitoring survey
  • Utilized existing control network previously established by others, and established new control points to more easily provide the subsequent layout and bridge/utility monitoring survey services
  • Performed layout and construction staking of the horizontal position of all the piles during Phase Two
  • Bridge/utility monitoring survey documented horizontal and vertical locations of said stations accurate to the nearest one-hundredth of a foot
  • Data gathered using a Topcon Total Station and Data Collector
  • A summary report for all reporting stations was sent via e-mail daily to the contractor and ConnDOT’s representative
  • Work was performed under the supervision of and documents sealed by a Connecticut licensed land surveyor