The Residences at 66 High St, Guilford, CT Cost: $45M | Project Area: 15 Acres - 58 Units


  • Provide architectural services for the development of 58 two-bedroom condominiums


  • Conversion of an old brownfields industrial building into residential condominiums
  • Renovating a historic brick “Mill” building and connected “Quonset” building


  • c1870 historic mill building will be adaptively preserved and restored to Historic Preservation standards
  • New building construction is proposed as far away from neighbors as possible, some 240 feet from the public road
  • 1st-floor building elevation 17.0 – some 7.0' above 100-year flood and well above any contemplated sea level rise
  • Advanced on-site septic system
  • Demolish three existing buildings and replace with 3 new buildings